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The House is busier than ever!  Most nights find our 25 rooms filled. Thankfully there have only been a handful of nights with families on a waiting list this year.  With summer fast approaching, many of our families will include a number of siblings!  As we all know, kids at home over the summer means more trips to the store, more fun outings and a lot more activity.  The same holds true for the Ronald McDonald House.

At one point last summer, we had over 20 siblings in the House!  Our pantry was emptied of snacks, our movie gift certificates were depleted, and our toy room was picked over!  But with one post on our Facebook page, we were overwhelmed with donated pantry and wish list items to share with our families.  Our House works so much more like a HOME when we can do more than just provide a place to stay.  And we are thankful for a loving community that rallies at our time of need.  We have number of fundraising events coming up, including Capital Masquerade.  These events are vital to keeping our doors open.  Every $80 raised covers the cost of a room night, every $800 covers a family stay…truly, every dollar helps as we never ask our families to pay for any of the services we provide.

Children, whose families stay at Ronald McDonald Houses, tend to be the sickest, have traveled the furthest distances for care and spend the longest time in the hospital.

As partners in enabling family-centered care for more than 40 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities® strives to be part of the solution in improving the lives of children and their families by providing programs that strengthen families during difficult times.  The Charity supports the critical needs of children through three core programs: Ronald McDonald House®, Ronald McDonald Family Room® and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.

When children must travel long distances to access top medical care, accommodations for families can be expensive or not readily available.  The Charity’s cornerstone program, Ronald McDonald House, helps families stay close to their ill or injured children, increasing the caregivers’ ability to spend more time with their child, to interact with their clinical care team, and to participate in critical medical care decisions.

The first Ronald McDonald House was inspired by a family’s struggle to stay together while fighting their child’s devastating illness.  Today, the program has grown to more than 345 Houses worldwide and helps families stay close to their children when they are receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.  Through the Ronald McDonald House program, RMHC is the world’s leading NGO supporting the accommodation needs of families with children while receiving hospital care and at least one RMHC core program is associated with 89% of the top children’s hospitals worldwide.

Caregivers who stay at a Ronald McDonald House report significantly higher levels of involvement in their child’s care and more positive hospital experiences.

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